Spooky (fairouz) wrote in long_term_nurse,

It's official!

Psst! You guys! (Why do I feel like Eric Cartman?) I'm officially becoming an LTC nurse as of November 7. I accepted a position with a combination nursing and rehab center -- quite a large one, actually -- and I'll be working 3-11 and every other weekend. I'm excited about this job for many reasons... the staff and the DON seem really genuinely warm and happy to be there, there are GREAT tuition reimbursement benefits and advancement potential, and it's about 5 miles from my new house. Plus I'll be working 8s for the first time in years.

I'll have a medication aide on my shift, I think, and besides that I know bubkus about what is going on. My home unit will be a 40 bed long term one. I've never worked LTC before, so I'm sure I'll have a ton of questions once I start, and I hope this community can become more active.


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I will do my best to participate more!!
Speak soon,'kay?

Congrats on the new job! LTC may sound boring
but believe me it is anything but!!
Amen to that!
I am so hoping for 3-11 myself. But there won't be any shift changes until after State comes (oh please, oh please let them come today!) I wish you good luck and I will be waiting to hear from y'all!

What do you work now?
I'm definitely going to be counting on you guys for some good information and asking a ton of questions once I start.
11-7 *groan*
I am soooo tired of the night shift. I have a 6 month old baby, and I have to tell ya, it's getting rough. But I've put in for an earlier shift. State still hasn't come!! I think they do this to torment us, I truly do.
Oy. Of course the place I applied to has several openings for that shift but I wasn't willing to take it. I've worked my share of nights and hopefully -- aside from the rare shift every now and again -- I'm done with that. I hope you move to an earlier shift soon!