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Long-Term Care/Rehab Nursing

Let It All Out and Learn Something

A Place for Long-Term Nurses To Come Together
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READ BEFORE JOINING: Because this community was created to address issues specific to RNs and LPNs working in long-term care/rehab facilities, I ask that only RNs and LPNs apply for membership on a good faith basis (that is, I won't ask for your license number ;-)

Once you receive word that you may begin posting in long_term_nurse, please make an introductory post (at your leisure, but before participating in any discussion, etc) in which you state:

1. Your name and title
2. Where you work (Not specifically! But what type of facility is it? How many beds, etc...)/What sort of shedule you typically work
3. How long you have been a nurse and how long you have worked in long-term care
4. Anything extra about your education, facility, job you'd like to add, but not necessary
5. Finally, if you'd like to tell us anything about your personal life (family, pets, where you're from, went to school, etc,) feel free.

Make your first post as long or short as you want (just please make sure 1-3 are answered succinctly. I'll read and love all of it.

I just started this group in the wee hours of the morning of 7/19, so it will be a lot more fleshed-out in a few weeks. Patience, please.