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Need your interpretation, please

I got into a conversation with one of my superiors (not the DON, but a nurse-manager) about why overtime pay hasn't been showing up on my checks even though I am at work for longer than 8 hours ever shift AND I rarely take my full half-hour lunch if at all. She said that nurses need to work ten hours and six minutes (wha???) before overtime kicks in. At that point, though, it goes back to the eighth hour you worked and gives you over time for all the time after that point. But I KNEW I had read somewhere that after 8 hours you get overtime. So, I wondered what you all thought of this excerpt from the Personnel Policies brochure they gave me when I was hired before I approached the next higher up.

Overtime is paid at the rate of one-and one-half time the regular rate for time worked in excess of 8 hours per work day and/or 80 hours in a two week period. A work day begins with the start of the night shift and ends with the close of the evening shift 24 hours later. Overtime shall be granted if an employee is asked to work in excess of 8 hours and such hours overlap over 2 work days. A two week pay period begins with the start of the night shift prior to the first day of the pay period and ends with the close of the evening shift fourteen days later. There are two work weeks within a pay period. Overtime shall be paid to an employee who works in an excess of 7 consecutive days, except in the following instances; an employee participates in an approved schedule trade during the consecutive day period, .... (the rest doesn't pertain to me.)

So, if I come onto my shift at 2:45 like I do and my shift officially ends at 11:15 (the night shift officially begins at 11:00) and I stay until midnight doing charting am I owed 45 minutes of overtime???

Thanks so much for your input?
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I am a nurse in a rehab facility where we care for pts with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and MS pts, just to name a few. Our pts are in-house for anywhere from a few weeks to many years. I work a "weekend package" where we work every Sat. and Sun., 7p-7a. (Or you may choose 7a-7p). Then we are required to work another 8 hour shift during the week, to make 32 hours. I chose Mon. night 11p-7a as my weekday shift. The perk of this is we get paid for 40 hours of work, when we actually work only 32.
Tx workers law, as has been explained to me, is that we only get paid overtime when we have actually worked 40 hours in one week. We don't get overtime for the 12 hour shifts. And as I regularly do, when I pick up an extra shift during the week, I get paid straight time for that 8 hours, until I pass that magical 40 hours of actual work during the week.
I work a new job at the state psychiatric facility and our union contract gives us overtime for ANY work we do over our scheduled hours. :-)