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hey guys! i'm a rising senior in high school and i want to be a nurse. hooray! and i need to start applying to schools, so i was wondering if y'all had any suggestions for good nursing programs in new england? so far my list is:

Simmons College (top choice)
Quinnipiac University
Northeastern Universtiy
UMASS Amherst
Boston College

what do you know about the programs at other state schools in new england like URI, UVM, UNH. any good? I'm looking for a small/medium size (at least 1500-2000ish students- more if in a secluded area) residential school. YES i know that some schools on my list are much bigger than that- they are not my top choices but i still think i'd be happy there, size is not my biggest concern. please comment if you have any suggestions. thankies!

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