Spooky (fairouz) wrote in long_term_nurse,

Intro and some LTC questions

1. My name is Rebecca (Becky) and I'm an RN.
2. Um, this is sort of what my question is about. Right now I'm working in a pediatric rehab facility, but on the neurobehavioral side. I'm moving, though, and looking into an LTC job which is how I ended up here. My *current* schedule is weekend option (7a - 7p). I'll be on nocs if I take the LTC position.   
3. I've been a nurse for 2 years and I've worked in adult med/surg/onc and pediatric behavioral health. 

Here's my question. I'm moving from Baltimore to the eastern shore of Maryland and looking into a position at a state facility (chronic hospital and LTC). I suppose I'm just looking for some general information about LTC, your challenges there, what you like/don't like about it, anything you want to share. My only experience in LTC was a clinical rotation there in nursing school (which was horrid, but it was our first one). The pay and benefits there are really attractive to me, and I'd be working a compressed schedule (7p to 7a, 3x per week).        

I see this is a new community and not very active, but hopefully somebody will have something to say. Look forward to discussing this!                                                                                

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